Hydraulic baffle Milling Machine

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Functions and features:

1, can be superimposed milling plywood; improve work efficiency.

2, feeding position plate hydraulic lift flap, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

3, the work surface and the installation of a universal ball widened, removing the conveying frame for machining small workpieces.

4, adjust the angle of the milling convenient and reliable, stable milling.

5, improved hydraulic structure, effective solution to the problem of oil leakage.

6, selection of R6, R8, R10 forming cutter, milling can be a U-shaped groove.

7, power head homemade milling power head; domestic and imported power head gear box to choose from.

8, there are two installation guide forms to choose from:

    Overall rail: high quality 45 # steel, processed whole body welding edge milling machine, gantry milling a molding process, the professionals scraping, scraping, and finally by the electric discharge process.

    Detachable rail: high quality 45 # steel, 40Cr forgings after quenching, finishing high near quenching, hardness around HRC50 °, to maximize the service life of the rail; the rail length 900mm, width 90mm, thickness of 45mm.

9, the overall bed by vibration aging, tempering treatment to eliminate stress, to ensure the long-term use is not deformed.

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