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Snow-mechanical development of new welding machines

2016/5/19      view:
   Developed new machinery and equipment, milling and planing to absorb foreign technology and the development of a new generation of milling, planing machine is the substitution of the best equipment, widely used in boilers, pressure vessels manufacturing, shipbuilding, electric power, chemicals, petroleum engineering machinery, bridge construction, steel template, steel structure, metallurgical machinery industry, stainless steel, carbon steel plate before welding groove processing, hypotenuse, straight edge, U-shaped side can once milling, planing machine efficiency ratio and significantly improve the accuracy, and low prices, energy consumption can be reduced by more than 70%, easy operation and maintenance, milling 0-45 degrees, and can be equipped with internal standard cutter, processing thickness 6-50mm, according to user requirements, design 50-120mm thickness suitable for the manufacture of special specifications milling machine.
     Pressure vessel manufacturers are currently the best, the latest machinery and equipment. Specifications XB-4, XB-6, XB-9, XB-12, XB-16, XB-18.
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