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Welding equipment, configuration of system

2016/5/19      view:
1. machinery
Spot welding system consists of mechanical devices, power supply devices, the control unit has three major components. Spot welding in order to meet the requirements of the welding process, the pressing mechanism (welding clamp) uses a dual pneumatic actuator stroke rapid change of welding clamp opening stroke by switching the control handle, can be divided into large and small open open to meet the welding operation requirements. The normal state for the welding tongs open short stroke, when the control button to switch to the "on" position, then pull the switch handle welding clamp tight while applying pressure to complete the current cycle at a welding control system to recover after a short trip sheets open state.
2. The power supply unit
Main power circuit consists of resistance welding transformers, thyristor unit, the main power switch, welding circuit and other components. Currently, we use the welding equipment power 200kVA, the secondary output voltage of 20V - 40V single-phase frequency AC resistance welding machine. Due to a variety of models collinear production, welding clamp to weld mild steel and high strength steel sheet, welding clamp gun arm to pass large mechanical force and welding current, welding clamp strength, stiffness, heat to meet certain requirements, and to have a good electrical and thermal conductivity, and requires the use of water cooling welding tongs, so I chose welding clamp electrode arm can withstand 400kg pressure a new welding clamp.
The control device
The main control unit provides a signal to control the operation of resistance welding machine welding current switched on and off, control the welding current value, fault monitoring and handling.
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